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Parttime Chick Saviour!

Netherlands, Gelderland, Ochten (close to Arnhem)Open vacancy

Job description

Who we are
In Ovo is a spin-off from Leiden University. Our team consists of people with different specialties and the same goal: to make a positive impact on the lives of billions of chicks, farmers and the climate through innovation and technology. In Ovo is known for its technological breakthroughs that are about to change the poultry industry forever. We have become known for Ella, our lightning-fast machine that can prevent the killing of billions of cockerels on a global level. This not only has a positive effect on animal welfare, but also on emissions from the poultry industry. We are growing rapidly and the upcoming expansions will accelerate this.

Your focus

You will come and help us during the summer with our new process in which we determine the gender as early as in the egg. For this, a small hole is pierced into the egg, which must be sealed as soon as possible after the test. You seal or check if the hole is properly sealed and finally you sort out the tray of eggs based on the information you get, so male/female/unknown. You have our staff walking around to support you.

Work place and working hours

The work takes place in a separate room of a hatchery, located in Ochten (near Arnhem). This is where our machine is located. You will be using our company clothing and working according to our hygiene and safety protocols. The hatchery most easily accessible by car.

If you want to go out during the evenings, you can work a morning shift (between 7:00 and 15:30). If you like to sleep in, you can choose an evening shift (between 15:00-0:00). In short, the ideal job for your summer vacations!

Job requirements

What we offer

  • Flexible vacation work for 1 to 2 days a week (Thursday and/or Friday);
  • You will earn €12,50 (gross) per hour with an irregular allowance of 25% after 19:00;
  • Starting date is a.s.a.p.

Are you interested?
Apply now with your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions, please contact Annemarie Burgers, HR Manager at +31 6 18537180 or