Werken bij In Ovo

The Eggsperts

In Ovo is a biotech company developing products for the poultry industry that improve both animal welfare and efficiency. Our focus is on disruptive products, bringing a substantial positive impact to farmers and animals and boosting the industry as a whole. In Ovo is an agile and lean company, with an experienced, highly educated team and powerful network. We are the biotechnology whizkids of the poultry sector and we are highly motivated to bring positive change to the sector through the development of smart solutions to big problems.

We currently focus on a long existing problem in hatcheries: the culling of one day old male chickens. Our solution, a gender screening in the first half of the breeding process, has several advantages. It prevents a lot of stress the chickens experience during the current manual gender sorting process, it reduces the energy consumption and CO2 emission of the hatchery and prevents the need to kill one day old chickens. This way, we make hatcheries more animal friendly and sustainable, and increase the efficiency at the same time.