In Ovo is a biotech company situated in Leiden. We develop state-of-the-art solutions for the poultry industry to improve animal welfare and efficiency. Our disruptive products have a significant, positive impact on farmers, animals, and the sector. We innovate today, to improve tomorrow.   

We are an agile and lean company, with a highly educated, enthusiastic team. Our main focus is on solving a long-existing problem in hatcheries: the culling of one-day-old male chicks. Our solution determines the gender in the egg before the chick hatches, to prevent male chicks from having to be killed. Fewer chicks will then need to hatch, which increases efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions in hatcheries. This way, we make hatcheries more animal-friendly and sustainable.   

You can be part of the disruptive innovations we work on. You can be part of our story. If you are up for a new adventure, please check our vacancies below now.